Food & Drink

Off the Hook

Say you were a character in The Godfather. You’d never want to be sleeping with the fishes.

If you were a pint of ice cream, however, it might be slightly better news.

Out of a Flower, a local company that made national news with its unusual ice cream flavors (including herbs and fresh flowers) was all the rage — until it mysteriously disappeared last year. It’s finally turned up in the unlikeliest place: TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market.

Former owner Michael Platz sold the Flower to TJ’s owners last year, and the pints have been sitting quietly in their store ever since. You’ll find only two flavors at the moment — strawberry and tequila and strawberry vodka with basil — but word is they’ll be churning out more soon. Let’s hope so.

We wouldn’t want to have to go to the mattresses.

Available at TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market, 11661 Preston Road, at Forest Lane, in Preston Forest (214-691-2369).