The Bends

Remember the old you? The head-banging, pit-moshing groupie everyone looked for at Trees when they wanted to track you down?

She’s still in there somewhere. But lately, all the noise, crowds, and ‘tude just make committing to the next-big-thing-out-of-Austin show difficult at best.

Maybe you just need a change of venue. Bend Studio’s Intimate Evening Concert Series offers you a chance to get up close and personal with some of the state capital’s finest acts. Shows by artists like Fastball’s Tony Scalzo, singer and songwriter Susan Gibson, and local favorite Trish Murphy take place every few weeks at the way-smaller-than-any-rock-club yoga studio, so the feeling is intimate and, thanks to the whole yoga thing, very serene.

Naturally, space is limited, so shows sell out quickly. And the price of admission — $25 in advance, $30 at the door — is a bit higher than what you used to shell out in your indie rock days.

But, we ask, at what price sanity?

Bend Studio, 5014 McKinney Avenue, Uptown (214-841-9642 or bendstudio.com).