Gopher It

Oh, the ironies of the Dallas social whirl. You spend years clawing your way to the top, only to discover that everything else has gone downhill.

While you were busy getting your picture in PaperCity, the BMW’s registration expired, your toy poodle’s vaccinations came due, and the contents of your fridge dwindled to a half-empty bottle of champagne.

No worries. Now you can party on and turn the rest of your life over to On the Run. The personal errand service fills in the blanks when your social schedule gets too darn demanding. No job is too large or too small, from getting the car repaired to topping off the tank, stocking the entire kitchen, or simply bringing you a hot dog.

On the Run’s staff is trained to do your most time-consuming errands, so both your precious social life and your sanity stay intact. Dedicated to giving you back your time, there’s very little they can’t do.

Except elect you president of the Junior League.

On the Run Personal Errand Service (214-274-6800 or ontherunerrands.com).