Posh Petals

No offense. But for a self-proclaimed modernist whose idea of a fainting couch is a chrome-and-leather Barcelona chair, your taste in flowers is a tad, uh, traditional. (Is that baby’s breath peeking out from your mixed bouquet?)

Your outfits are up to the minute; shouldn’t your cut flowers make a statement, too?

Heck, yeah. So head over to Cymbidium, a new floral design studio that creates arrangements inspired by the runways: Folded leaves, stems covered with colored wire, flowers set in fish rock, and blossoms submerged in water are just a few techniques they use to make your minimalist vision a reality.

While you’re there, check out the Garrigue & Jarossay handbags, Tarina Tarantino baubles, and contemporary glass plates.

The owners’ taste ensures there’s always plenty of cool stuff — but nothing too flowery.

Not even the flowers.

Cymbidium, 5307 E. Mockingbird Lane at Mockingbird Station (214-823-4311 or cymbidiumflowers.com).