Oral Arrangements

Oral fixation?

So not a crime.

A thumb here, a lollipop there — no one’s calling you Deep Throat just yet.

Still, sometimes even an innocuous pen cap can have the wrong meaning.

Next time, opt for something less suggestive — and more hygienic. Sprayology’s line of 20 under-the-tongue homeopathic oral sprays combines modern technology and holistic health. And with each squirt you get a shot of vitamins and other nutrients.

Say the boss chews you out. Don’t gnaw on that No. 2 pencil; try a spritz of StressLess. The mists purport to boost everything from general well-being (ImmunoBooster) to jet lag (TravelEase). There’s even one that claims to rev your sex drive.

Of course, once that kicks in, there’s no telling what’ll end up in your mouth.

Available at Benu Spa & Salon, 5555 East Mockingbird Lane, Suite 300, inside the Phoenix Midtown Apartments, behind Mockingbird Station (214-827-4200 or sprayology.com).