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Hamburger Helper

Ahhh, outdoor grilling season chez you.
The charbroiled flavor. The fun times. The unmitigated disasters.

Undercooked chicken? Your specialty. Fire-bombed franks? The line starts right here. And neighbors still talk about the Great Backyard Conflagration of 2003. (Who knew lighter fluid was to be used sparingly?)

This year, call The Hamburger Man, a.k.a. Rick Barton. For a $400 minimum, he’ll set up his grill in your backyard (no matter how humble) and cook made-to-order hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and hot dogs with all the fixings for a party as small as 50.

Potato salad and barbecued beans are included; for a little extra, he brings homemade cookies and chicken, too. So invite your friends over for some good eats and pleasant chat.

It’s the least you can do after nearly burning down the neighborhood.

Rick Barton (214-522-1223 or thehamburgerman.com).