The Mod Squad

There’s nothing you value more than the sacred bond of kinship. Especially when it comes to accessorizing.

Thus, last season’s Kennedy-era retro-chic style had you scouring your grandmother’s closet like a pack rat on amphetamines.

But now that you’ve abandoned her pearls in favor of the mod look, your flower child-turned-soccer mom auntie won’t even let you in the door.

Hmph. Some people just don’t understand family ties. So, to accessorize your current groove, try Mod Rings by Two’s Company. The acrylic cocktail baubles come in three sizes in a variety of eclectic colors and prints. From zebra stripes to floral swirls to polka dots, they are the perfect expression of your newly discovered carefree spirit.

And at $2.95 each, they’re hardly an investment.

A quality you’ll really value when you’ve moved on to your former-biker cousin’s slashed T-shirt stash.

Available at Fête! Home Collections, 322 West Seventh Street, Bishop Arts (214-948-9874).