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Al's Pals

When most people think of Al Pacino, they picture Scarface.

But all that shoot-’em-up machismo obscures the actor’s kinder, gentler side. Pop in the DVD of Scent of a Woman, Frankie & Johnny, or even Dick Tracy, and you’ll see it.

Or you could just pass some Doughmonkey dragees. Pastry genius Rhonda Ruckman (formerly of the Four Seasons Beverly Hills) perfected the scrumptious candied almonds — a frequent Pacino request and a delightful nod to the gruff actor’s real passion: chocolate.

Ruckman starts by boiling the nuts in sugar. Then she coats them in cocoa, covers them in dark or white French cinnamon-chocolate, and drags them through chocolate again. So many decadent layers — enough, surely, to convince even the most adamant Tony Montana wannabe of Pacino’s sweeter side.

And to say hello to his new little friends.

Available at Doughmonkey, 6708 Snider Plaza, University Park (214-890-1300).