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The Frugal Gourmet

Sure, impressing college girls was easy.

A five-second chug-a-mug here. A one-handed keg stand there.

Things are different now. The ladies are grown up, and a game of quarters doesn’t yield the results it used to.

How to host radicchio tastes on a brewski budget?

With the insider’s chef’s secret: Gourmet Foods International, a Dallas-based restaurant supplier that sells to the public for only slightly above wholesale. Upgrade your table from brie to brin d’amour. Ditch the pigs in blankets for speck Tirolese. Pick up some snails, Provence flower honey, and a big ole mess of chocolate petit fours. Everything is across-the-globe authentic and about what you’d pay at the supermarket.

Don’t know what to do with it? The website lists recipes for all skill levels, beginner to pro.

Which will show everyone just how much you’ve evolved since your frat-daddy days.

Available online at gourmetinternational.com.