Roy Meets World

You subscribe to the it’s-not-what-you-show-but-what-you-don’t-show school of dressing.

Which is not to say that you haven’t been tempted to flash a little skin. Just not in public. (Negligees, in your book, are strictly for the bedroom.)

Unless, that is, you’re wearing Rachel Roy, a line of lingerie-inspired clothing based on classic feminine designs from the ’40s through the ’70s.

The beaded tank with faux pearls and sweet stitching reveals just the right amount of arm and clavicle. Breezy gossamer tops in summer pastels are backless, not scandalous. Long, slinky, you-wish-you-had-one-in-every-color dresses are perfect for the girl who wants to look effortlessly at ease in her own skin and show it off.

Because some rules were made to be broken.

Available at Elements, 4400 Lovers Lane, University Park (214-987-0837).