Pretty as a Picture

Ever since that episode with your yearbook photo, you’ve been leery of photographers.

All that meticulous preening and prepping — and for what? Mile-high bangs, a veritable map of history’s worst acne attack, and a morbidly frozen grimace (saying “cheese” tends to do that to a person).

Andrea and Mark Polito can help you get past all that. Their spontaneous style captures the real you in those one-of-a-kind moments that otherwise slip by. The Politos shoot their subjects — adults, kids, couples, families, and pets — with charming candor in either black and white or color. And no dorky poses or sappy backdrops; cheese isn’t in their vocabulary.

And as long as you’re with them, it won’t be part of yours, either.

Andrea Polito Photography (214-718-8949 or politophotography.com).