Dog Tired

When it comes to raising young ones, the whole communal living thing sounds pretty good.

Between the tantrums, bed wetting, and the number of times you’ve found your slingbacks chewed to pieces, you could use a little assistance.

We’re talking, of course, about kids of the canine variety. And it could just be that yours is a little bored, a little stressed, or a whole lot lonely. Barking Hound Village is here to help. They’ve brought their signature dog care services all the way from Atlanta.

Now, instead of locking the doors and crossing your fingers when you head to the mall, drop baby off at daycare for some fetching, swimming, and napping. Your neighbors will love you (or at least quit with the dirty looks) if you sign up your beloved for Four Seasons-style overnights next time you leave town. Fido can even board at a trainer’s home for an intense day of schooling.

Which is exactly the kind of help you need when bringing up baby.

After all, it takes a village.

Barking Hound Village, 3410 Hawes Avenue, at Love Field (214-350-8811 or barkinghoundvillage.com).