Golden Girls

Okay, so your dream of being an international martial arts action hero hasn’t worked out.

You knew it was time to throw in the towel the day your karate sensei called you a — what was that again? — “clumsy oaf with the grace of an elephant.”

Luckily, there’s more than one path to Eastern wisdom. Like the 80-minute, Asian-inspired Golden Dragon Body Ritual. It begins with raw cane sugar, ginger, lime, vanilla, and coconut milk to cleanse the skin. Next a warm honey mask is applied, and you’re wrapped up cocoon-style. Finally, a light body massage with the shimmering Golden Dragon Body Lotion (made from yogurt, honey, and coconut) gives your skin a lustrous sheen.

You’ll leave feeling relaxed, renewed, and in touch with your true inner voice.

Which will tell you that, sometimes, grace comes from within.

Available at Za Spa, Hotel ZaZa, 2332 Leonard Street, Uptown (214-550-9492 or hotelzaza.com).