Primp My Ride

Pink is so your color.

Before Marilyn Monroe. Before Molly Ringwald. Before any Rose Room drag queen donned a saucy crinoline or picked up a blush-stained powder poof.

So why settle for a plain yellow taxi when you travel to the state capitol?

Ride with Austin-based Pink Car at Your Service. Its cotton candy-colored SUVs and limousines arrive stocked with pink roses, sparkling lemonade, pink champagne, and chocolate candies. The female valet drivers are even armed with directions to all the best bars, spas, and boutiques.

Which means that whether you’re just catching a lift to the hotel or ditching your plane ticket for a one-way ride back to Dallas, you’ll have every chance to get in touch with your feminine side.

Finally. A chance to show your true colors.

Pink Car at Your Service (877-PINK-CAR or pinkcar.net).