Dream Weaver

Hair’s heyday? Definitely the ’70s.

Exhibit 1: the Fuzzy Pumper Barbershop (plastic people who grew long, lush Play-Doh hair when you pressed the handle — genius).

Exhibit 2: the Afro (gotta love a ’do that defies everything from propriety to gravity).

Exhibit 3: the Farrah (self-explanatory).

Here to bring back the glory: Adrian the Dream Weaver. He’s the go-to stylist loved by so many luxe-haired ladies who once fell victim to stringy ponytails and unfortunate Cojo shags. Extensions are Adrian’s specialty: He’s tressed the best with 100-percent human hair for nearly three decades.

But don’t look for his salon. He works by appointment only from an office in North Dallas. First there’s the consultation to discuss color, cut, and style. Then comes the attachment phase: Adrian will match your shade exactly and, in several hours, perform his magic.

Fabulous hair, however, isn’t low maintenance. It lasts only a few months.

Just long enough for you to pass yourself off as a Breck girl.

Adrian the Dream Weaver (972-387-5677).