There's the Rub

You’ve always been good to your soul.

Your Kabbalah string is taut, your Ganesh properly sated, and your aura totally intact.

Which makes the way you abuse your body — forcing it to hobble on needle-thin heels, squeezing it into too-tight jeans — all the more worrisome.

Do your form a favor and call DeLisa Turner-Mason. She comes to your home (mediation room or tree-house retreat); you lie down on her portable massage table, choose your music (your CD of whale sounds or Turner-Mason’s light jazz); and she’ll give you an unbelievable hour-long massage that combines Swedish and deep tissue techniques.

And the body betterment doesn’t stop there. The lady’s also a hair stylist and will give you a free consultation — opinions, advice, and treatment options — all while working your muscles into a meditative state. Which is just as it should be.

After all, your body is a temple.

DeLisa Turner-Mason (972-289-1493).