Holy Roller

You were never Sister Josephine’s favorite.

Refusing to shower before mass, wearing a rumpled choir robe, and forgetting to tuck in your uniform shirt didn’t appeal much to her cleanliness-is-next-to-godliness ways.

And if she could see your car now, she’d probably tell you that the “Wash Me” etched in the dust on your hood is a message from the Almighty himself.

Reverend Doug Jessie can lead your vehicle to salvation. He and his crew from Quality First Carwash & Detail will go anywhere in the area to purify your ride for only a small offering.

The exterior — including tires, wheels, and glass — is hand-washed and -waxed. The carpet, dashboard, doors, and windows are cleaned. And leather seats are fully conditioned. So a dirty auto is one less sin you’ll be committing in Sister’s eyes.

But you better not let her catch you making out in the backseat.

Quality First Carwash & Detail (972-814-6614).