Bubbly Bath

You’ve been known to have a cocktail (or five). After all, a champagne toast tastes just as good at noon as at midnight.

But jockeying for pole position at your local bar can be murder on the feet. Squished toes and spilled drinks mean they get none of the glory but all of the pain.

The best cure? Hair of the dog. The Za Foot Bath at Benu Spa immerses your feet in champagne.

During two five-minute soaks, the bubbly’s natural antioxidants work their magic, leaving your skin softer and younger looking. The first dip is followed by a grape-seed scrub to banish dead skin cells. Then it’s back in the bath. Organic rose lotion wraps things up. It all leaves you feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and ready for your next glass.

In fact, you can sip one while you relax. You are, of course, free to refuse.

Like that’s going to happen.

Available at Benu Spa & Salon, 5555 East Mockingbird Lane, suite 300, on the northeast corner of the Phoenix Midtown Apartments, behind Mockingbird Station (214-827-4200 or benuspa.com).