Instant Massaging

Life? Not fair.

We know this how? Well, let’s see. All the hot people you meet are gay. (Unless you’re gay. Then they’re all straight.) Cupcakes are bad for you. And massages, which should be deemed a necessity, are far too expensive to get regularly.

Except for members of The Massage Company, where you can get unlimited monthly treatments — for 30, 60, or 90 minutes — that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Massages include the Swedish, deep-tissue, trigger-point, reflexology, hot rocks, prenatal, shiatsu, sport, and cranial-sacral varieties.

Before you surrender, you take control: Pick your favorite massage therapist, adjust the lighting in your treatment room, and put the music at just the right level. Then lay back and relax. Next month, you’ll pay the same price for the same convenience and service.

It won’t make up for all of life’s indignities.

But it may help you survive a few more of them.

The Massage Company, 7000 Independence Parkway, in Legacy Drive Village, Plano (469-241-1315); 11661 Preston Road, in Preston Forest Village (214-750-5454 or themassagecompany.net).