In Full Bloom

One spotlight. Plus you. Equals total harmony.

Your taste in everything from carryalls to cars leans toward the showy.

So what’s with the wimpy ficus playing wallflower in your living room?

Find more eye-catching flora at Gunter’s Greenhouse & Florist, the largest orchid grower in North Texas. The hidden Richardson gem features an astonishing collection of beauties in two huge greenhouses (one open to the public, the other holding Gunter’s private stash, seen only by invitation).

And exotic? Oh, yes. Check out the oncidium’s petite chocolate-smelling flowers or the elegant paphiopedilum in vibrant greens or rich shades of cranberry. Gunter Schnetzinger is often around to offer advice on care and watering — just the kind of attention that will make your new orchid stand out as much as you do.

Because it’s no shrinking violet, either.

Gunter’s Greenhouse & Florist, 513 West Campbell Road, Richardson (972-234-6017 or gunters.com).