My Sew-Called Life

In your book, “balance due” is a four-letter word. (You were never much for math.)

You hate paying people to do anything. As a result, you’ve learned to live with missing roof shingles, chipped paint, and split ends.

And when it comes to clothing in need of repair, the thought of giving your hard-earned green to a seamstress makes you see red.

Don’t get mad, get even — by signing up for a soon-to-be biweekly Tailor Time sewing class at Make. In just 90 minutes, you’ll learn the basics of alterations and corrections. Bring in your own clothes and discover how to fix a loose button, hem your pants, take in a skirt, or mend a broken seam. Your threads will be ready to wear after one DIY session, so you’ll probably have a few words for that costly tailor. You may even throw in some four-letter ones.

You know. Like “overpriced,” “arm and a leg,” and “highway robbery.” 

Class is today, 7-8:30 p.m., at Make, 2632 Thomas Avenue, Uptown (214-256-3061 or
themakesite.com). Cost: $35.