PC Does It

Oh, joy! An instant message from your long-lost Australian BFF.

She’s sent you a link; you click with confidence, even though it’s 3 a.m. in Sydney. After all, her track record is superb: Those fuzzy koala bears on tiny bikes were a riot.

But no sooner does your finger leave your mouse than an ominous calm descends, followed by a deluge of obscene popups inviting you to explore the wonderful world of “all-natural ladies” (among other unspeakable things). Egads! You’ve been infected with spyware.

Don’t panic. Call PC ASAP, a team of two tech-savvy specialists who will come to your house and rid your machine of a virus, fix a broken laptop, install your (incredibly complicated!) software, and recover lost documents without breaking a sweat — or your piggy bank. For $89 per hour ($65 if you go to them), they’ll repair your computer on the spot or haul it away and have it back in a few days.

Mending your friendship with DwnNdrGirl, however, might take a bit longer.

PC ASAP, 4727 Frankford Road, suite 301, in Frankford Crossing Shopping Center (972-733-4411 or pcasap.com).