Show and Sell

What a fickle creature you are.

One glimpse at the fall collections and you abandoned the bright colors of spring and summer with nary a compunction. Now if only all those kelly-green tank tops and yellow miniskirts would stop staring at you accusingly from the closet.

Hand them over to eBay PowerSeller Ann Wood. Just bring her your clothes (or bags, or shoes, or antiques, or china, or crystal — anything valued at $50 or more) and she does the rest (researches, takes pictures, writes the listing, e-mails with buyers, handles shipping).

Wood takes 30 percent off the final bid before sending you a check for the rest, which is less than you’d lose to most consignment stores. And it’s worth the few bucks just to avoid the hassle. Plus, she makes sure to get a price you’re happy with — so there’s no chance you’ll change your mind.

Which, as we know, tends to happen.

Ann Wood (214-542-6629 or search.ebay.com).