Face Time

One zit is not the end of the world.

Unless, of course, you’re in ninth grade and on your way to the senior prom with Brad McBigshot. Then it’s a full-blown crisis — one that your peers had no problem blaming on those two packs of M&M’s they saw you maul the day before.

Scars run deep, poor thing. But don’t let such pubescent mishaps dim your enthusiasm for the cocoa bean. Celebrate it with a chocolate icing body scrub at Face & Body Day Spa. The 75-minute treatment begins with an exfoliant of cocoa extract, natural oils, and apricot seeds. It smells and feels like chocolate — rich, warm, and gooey.

Once your hide’s been buffed to a shine, you’re slathered in a strawberry or vanilla moisturizing cream and wrapped like a cocoon for twenty minutes. Finally, you’re rubbed into bliss.

There’s no better way to indulge your long-suffering sweet tooth while making sure your skin looks better than it ever did in high school.

And just in time for your ten-year reunion.

Face & Body Day Spa, 18800 Preston Road, suite 306 (972-599-0881); 1549 Legacy Drive, Frisco (972-668-6108 or dayspa-dallas.com).