Twist and Shout

You used to have such colorful playthings.

Legos were among your earliest friends; the Rubik’s Cube proved a worthy adversary. In recent years, however, such hands-on fun has fallen by the wayside.

Renew the thrill in a very grown-up way with Glide Twist Together lights. The hand-cast resin blocks give off a soft glow and can be joined to create various configurations. The lights can be arranged independently on desks or tables or snapped together to form freestanding sculptures.

Two color combinations are available: The Chocolate group features shades of brown and white; the center of each is a glowing white screen. The Candy version, which comes in a bright combo of yellow, purple, orange, blue, and red with contrasting centers, may even remind you of your brightly hued toys of yore. Either is great for amusing guests.

Plus, they’re way more refined than Twister.

Available online at velocityartanddesign.com.