Worth the Weigh

There’s no strength in numbers.

Especially when you’re talking about the checklist of gear you lug to the gym: yoga mat, iPod, smoothie mix, blender. By the time you prep for a sun salutation, cue your playlist, and locate an electrical outlet, you’re totally beat.

Take a load off with the Change Your Weigh fitness program, a revolutionary course designed by three stellar local trainers (Corbin Lawson, Robb Peterson, and Rebecca Peterson). No new gym membership’s necessary. You just commit to 30 hour-long workouts in 30 days.

Step one: Sign up for a month of four-times-a-week training. Your trainer evaluates your health history and measures your basal metabolic rate. Step two: You get a customized heart-rate-based cardio program and a seven-day sample eating program. (Sorry, Charlie, but without the right diet, no workout will work.) Step three: Get to it. You’ll spend your semiprivate sessions in groups of three, and go it alone on other days. Step four: Hello, lean and mean new body.

And that’s basically where the happy checklist ends.

Available at Premier Club, 5910 North Central Expressway. To make an appointment, call (214-891-6620).

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