Standing Small

Small wonders never cease to amaze you.

Which explains why you’re so dangerously attached to a certain Peruvian guinea pig named Alejandro. So how do you justify giving the poor guy the shaft whenever you’re away from home?

Meet pet sitter extraordinaire Kathryn Lebras. A true animal lover, she’ll take care of any critter great (dogs and cats) or small (fish, birds, prized guinea pigs) in the Allen or Plano area for as low as $10 a visit.

For a few dollars more, Lebras will even sleep over, doing light household duties — like picking up the mail or taking in the paper — for no extra charge.

And because she’s so reliable, you can trust she’ll always dress Fido in his favorite outfit. Or feed Fifi from the dinner table with her special spoon. Yes, Lebras does it all, no questions asked.

Because she knows your little thing means a lot. 

Kathyrn Lebras (972-612-3106).