Feet First

You must really love the old H2O.

Because that’s the only logical explanation for the amount of time you spend using it to scrub your tender skin raw.

But no matter how much cleansing you do, Jenny McGermaphobe, you’re pretty sure your feet could always be a little cleaner.

That’s where sterile pedicure expert Karis Roberson comes in. She shuns using a regular salon chair (bacteria’s playground) in favor of an easy-to-clean massage basin (bacteria’s nightmare).

Roberson starts by doing all the usual necessities (like clipping, exfoliating, and massaging). Then she adds an antiseptic to ensure pesky microorganisms can’t survive. Once she puts on the polish, you’re set for up to four weeks. But frequent return trips could mean an encounter with her equally hygenic celebrity clients, Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn.

The couple may never become your new BFFs. But at least you’ll be happy knowing your skin’s germ free after every visit.

Which means it’s never a total wash.

Karis Roberson, Garry Cox and Company Styling Salon, Two Turtle Creek Village, 3858 Oak Lawn Avenue, suite 161 (214-522-4849).