Batting Practice

When Robert Frost spoke of the road less traveled, he probably wasn’t talking about lash extensions in Colleyville.

But he’d certainly support the spirit in which we urge you to brave the highway to The Lash Lounge. It’s the only place around dedicated entirely to extensions, and it’s home of the synthetic Xtreme Lashes. Making the 25-minute divergence from your regular route totally worth it.

Start with basic black or brown, then add a highlighter color (like auburn, blue, or green). Everything’s attached with a medical-grade glue that wards off allergic reactions, so the possibilities are endless — and long lasting (usually two to four weeks before requiring a redo).

True, an application can take about two hours. But since you’re reclining on a velvety bed, time goes by in a blink of an eye. Best of all, once the procedure’s complete, you can toss out that mascara.

And that’s poetic justice at its best.

The Lash Lounge, 16 Village Lane, suite 150, Colleyville (817-514-9300 or thelashlounge.com).