Going for Brooke

You tend to gush when you’re excited. And lately you’ve been babbling like a brook.

Or, rather, about Brooke. As in Brooke Benson, the designer whose line of jewelry has made your accessorizing a breeze.

Her earrings dangle with clusters of translucent and opaque stones, while necklaces range from a gold chain holding one large piece of rose quartz to three strands of pearls with little leaf charms.

The entire collection’s inspired by Benson’s travels in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, so she bestows exotic-sounding names like Chakra, Nanda, and Satya upon her baubles. Which all complement the jade, garnet, and turquoise she uses in her creations to blend the earthy with the ethereal.

Of course, it’s only a matter of time before your enthusiasm trickles down to your friends.

But at least you’ll still be flooded with compliments.

Available at L. Bartlett, 3839 McKinney Avenue, in the West Village (214-521-3500). To see styles, go to brookebensondesigns.com.

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3699 McKinney Ave
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