The Night Stuff

When it comes to going out, you’re quite the eager beaver. And with so many evenings on the town, rounding up new friends has been like shooting fish in a barrel.

So it’s no surprise that you’re regularly lavished with gifts. Which, of course, means lots of thank-you notes.

That’s no problem with the aptly named Night Owl Paper Goods — a perfect way to express your gratitude on letter-pressed cards flaunting scenes and creatures from the natural world.

Your heart will be all aflutter over the monarch print, and you’ll think the picket-fence patterns are the bee’s knees. If you really want to get your ducks in a row, stock up on the perched sparrow holiday cards.

Of course, with all the writing you’ll soon be doing, everyone will understand if you have less time for playing in the real outdoors.

After all, that’s only natural.

Available online at nightowlpapergoods.com.