Smell Ya Later

You make it a rule not to invite party poopers to your shindigs. But everyone has a crappy day from time to time.

Which is why you stock your bathrooms with Poo-Pourri, a new air freshener from an Austin-based company that you spray in the toilet before you do your business.

What’s so special about it? Number one, it’s made with natural essential oils like lemongrass and grapefruit and is available in travel and home sizes. And, well, number two, it really works. Just give the bowl a good spritz before you go and avoid even the stinkiest of situations.

Sure, friends may tease you for your over-the-top cleanliness, but you (and everyone else) will come off smelling like a rose.

Because, er, stuff happens.

Available at Savoy Gifts, 4410 Lovers Lane, University Park (214-219-4332); online at poopourri.net.