Sweetest Things 2007: In It to Win It

Back in December, we presented you, dear readers, with nominees in the realms of fashion, food, beauty, arts, and culture. Facebook campaigns, attempts at bribery, and mudslinging ensued. The time has finally come to announce the Sweetest Things 2007 winners.

And the awards go to …

Whitney Graham Carter, Kristin McCabe, and Katherine Wolff SIGHT
Whitney Graham Carter, Kristin McCabe, and Katherine Wolff
Wurd Handbags

These three ladies went into the boot business awhile back, but it’s their recent addition of standout handbags and clutches that have women swooning.
Marsha Horne SOUND
Marsha Horne
Etiquette School of Frisco

It’s Marsha Horne you should thank that chivalry is not dead. The etiquette teacher will have anyone minding her manners in no time, no matter how old or young.
Suzy Batiz SMELL
Suzy Batiz

Creative types like Suzy Batiz know that not every idea comes up smelling like roses. Not the case however with her invention, Poo~Pourri. Just spray in the toilet before you, well, go.
Nancy Patton TASTE
Nancy Patton
Haute Goat Creamery

Fromage fan Nancy Patton knows a thing or two about making cheese. She traveled the country to master her craft so Texans can enjoy the love of her labor at Haute Goat Creamery.
Sheila Garrison and Kristin Heaton TOUCH
Sheila Garrison and Kristin Heaton
Hiatus Spa + Retreat

Long-time buds and spa junkies Sheila Garrison and Kristin Heaton opened the doors to Hiatus this year, making the luxury of monthly massages accessible to the masses through their affordable membership program.

Congratulations to all the winners! Find out who won in our other editions.

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