Conceal the Deal

That cheap drugstore mascara must be the reason you’ve had those dark circles under your eyes all week. Oh, and the lighting is just really bad (in every bathroom, store, and restaurant) – right?

Sure, whatever makes you feel better.

But we still think you need to throw a stick of Susan Posnick’s Color Correct in your bag. The two-sided miracle pencil instantly makes the circles, fine lines, and blemishes on your face disappear. The lighter end is a brightener (lift that brow line, people, enhance those cheekbones), and the warmer one neutralizes any discoloration (redness, blue veins, purple tint), making it absolutely essential to have on hand.

With four creamy, lightweight shades to choose from, there’s a version for every type of face.

Looks like someone’s run out of excuses.

Available at Forty Five Ten, 4510 McKinney Avenue (214-559-4510). For more information, go to

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4510 McKinney Ave
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