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Box It Up

You’re on a first-name basis with the deli guys at Eatzi’s. Bread Winners has your credit card on file. And Jakes even has a burger in your honor.

Think it’s time to switch up the ol’ lunch routine already?

Definitely. Kitchen 1924 has cooked up a satisfying solution dubbed The Lakewood Lunch Box.

Meatloaf subs, shrimp po’boys, and buffalo chicken sandwiches are just a few of the to-go options, each of which comes with a salad and choice of fries, chips, or hummus. For lighter fare, there are deviled eggs, Caesar salads, and homemade soups.

Ordering is easy: Just call in or place it in person at the bar. And if you get stuck in traffic on the way back to the office, the boxes are microwavable.

Best of all, everything is fairly healthy.

Unlike that eponymous bacon burger.

Available at Kitchen 1924, 1924 Abrams Parkway (214-821-1924 or