The Shell Station

Surf. Sand. Sea. All things Dallas doesn’t have.

The only shell sightings here are of the Italian pasta variety.  

Not anymore. Luxury on Lovers has brought beach life mainland with the Hot Lava Shell Massage.

Here’s the rub: Smooth hot lava shells are strategically placed on your less-than-relaxed areas to help release tension and work out the kinks.

The procedure is similar to a hot stone massage except the shells stay warm much longer (about an hour) thanks to small heated pouches stashed inside.

You know what that means: The annoying process of heating and reheating the stones is eliminated to make the entire treatment all about you.

Kinda like that beach vacay you keep dreaming about.

Available at Luxury on Lovers, 4703 West Lovers Lane, University Park (214-352-8800 or luxuryonlovers.com).

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4703 W Lovers Ln
University Park
Dallas, TX 75209