A Glass Act

Carnations. Baby’s breath. An occasional sprig of fern.

While you appreciate your new sweetie’s flirting tactics, his flower choices are far from stellar. Take the focus off his arrangements with an eye-catching vase by Rue.

Based in Houston, the label’s male design duo makes all of the objets d’art by hand at home. They use old glass bottles (especially wine) and attach beautiful vintage broaches to them so each is one-of-a-kind.

Not only are the finished products posh, but they’re planet friendly, too, as every material is either recycled or scavenged from a secondhand source.

Although lovely alone, they look best (and almost like mini sculptures) when clumped in groups. Luckily, their $20-or-less price tag makes that an easy feat.

Unlike the boyfriend training ahead of you.

Available at Uptown Country, 3419 Milton Avenue, Snider Plaza (469-232-2042 or

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3419 Milton Ave
Dallas, TX 75205