The election may be next month, but October 6 is the last day to register to vote in Texas.

And since you’ve never been one to hide your true colors (red or blue, of course), you have no excuse: Declare yourself this election.

Just where do you stand, Ms. Personality?

Old-School Sue
Registering online too tricky for you? Avoid technical difficulties at local boutiques V.O.D. and Uptown Country Home. The owners have the paperwork (and cred) to sign you up in-store.

Sam Goody-Goody
You always go the extra charitable mile. Don’t let up now: Volunteer to be a poll worker.

Impatient Polly
Always on the go, you don’t have the time (or tolerance) for long lines. Beat the crowds and sign up to vote early.

Britney Peers
Study the candidates via video snippets. Then send your friends sassy little reminders to get out there and vote for their favorite nominee.

2418 Victory Park Ln
Dallas, TX 75219
3419 Milton Ave
Dallas, TX 75205