All Bets Are On

Hide and seek. Spin the bottle. Pick-up sticks.

You’re always up for a little competition.

So head over to game night at the Belmont Hotel. Every Tuesday, the hip Oak Cliff hideaway invites locals to try their luck at staples like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, and dominoes in a cozy candle-lit room.

Special snacks — boiled peanuts, beer cheese spreads, warm cracker mixes — are on hand along with half-price Belmontinis, the hotel’s signature cocktail with Grand Marnier, pomegranate juice, citron vodka, and champagne.

One too many and you’ll have to wander over to the drinking game table for a silly round of spoons or celebrity, an action-packed pop culture quiz. If you happen to get overserved, the hotel offers a special $99 game-night room rate.

Where you can play a private round of strip poker.

Game night, every Tuesday, 6-11 p.m., at the Belmont Hotel, 901 Fort Worth Avenue (214-393-2300 or belmontdallas.com).

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901 Fort Worth Ave
Dallas, TX 75208