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Chip ’n’ Dip Dancer

Much as you try to be spicy, you’re all sugar. (Your lingerie thinks you’re boring.)

Give saccharine some self-respect with Dread Head Chef’s new dessert chips and sweet salsas. (Your push-up bra is suddenly perky at the thought of crumbs in your cleavage.)

The brains behind the local munchies is chef (yes, with dreads) Michael Weinstein, who spent the last sixteen years cooking around town (The Grape, Aurora).

A clever twist on the traditional snack, the corn chips are a cross between Tostitos and churros (think small, crispy sopapillas) — with sugar and cinnamon on top instead of salt. A chocolate version is coming soon. All-natural, chunky fruit salsas come in jam-like flavors like pineapple-banana-macadamia and strawberry-mango.

Your lips definitely want in on this action.

Available at Green Spot Market & Fuels, 702 North Buckner Boulevard (214-319-7768 or
greenspotmarket.com); Jimmy’s Food Store, 4901 Bryan Street (214-823-6180 or jimmysfoodstore.com). For more information, go to dreadheadchef.com.

A sweet tooth is contagious. Spread the love.

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