Limb and Trim

You can shape a bush no prob. But trees? Trimming those bad boys puts you in a pickle. Even if they’re tiny.

Give up and go to Billy Bonsai, Dallas-bred hippie Billy Bonesio’s boutique that specializes in planting and caring for the miniature Japanese trees.

Pick one that’s already potted or visit the DIY station where Bonesio and his green-thumbed colleagues will plant your pick in a pot of your choosing. In addition to bonsai, the Knox Henderson shop also carries citrus trees, tropical plants (succulents, cacti, orchids), stylish glazed pots, and driftwood containers. Paintings by Texas artists and cut flowers for bouquets are coming soon.

Bonesio has big dreams for the freestanding cottage-turned-retail store: He planted tables and chairs outside and sells coffee, tea, and soda so locals can hang out and linger.

He’s not beating around the bush.

Billy Bonsai, 4539 Travis Street, Knox Henderson (214-520-8880).