A Shot at Love

Your best attempt at supporting local artists involved taping your nephew’s SpongeBob finger painting to the fridge.

Expand your horizons with the American Craftsman Project, an exhibit of Texas artisans photographed by award-winning Dallas boy Tadd Myers.

Myers traveled from Weatherford and Fort Worth to Gainesville and Saint Jo to capture six artisans — like an 82-year-old stagecoach maker, a sixth-generation spur smith — who hand-make timeless American goods such as cowboy boots, baseball gloves, and guitars.

Myers took an astounding 7,000 photos but is displaying only 36 in the limited-run show at Bolt Productions. If you fall in love with one, you can buy an oversize color print. Your donation ($25 minimum, please) will benefit the Intrepid Fallen Hero’s Fund, which supports the families of lost soldiers.

Finally, a picture worthy of the living room.

American Craftsman Project, through May 1, at Bolt Productions, 2410 Farrington Street (214-234-8423). For more information, go to americancraftsmanproject.com.