Cape of Good Hope

You’re staring at your selection of shoes, trying to figure out what will suit the hectic day ahead. Stilettos will no doubt leave your dogs barking (howling’s more like it). And those ballet flats just don’t have the support you need for pounding the pavement. You’re feeling totally stuck. Clogged, actually.

A-ha! Now you’re on to something. What you need is a pair of Cape Clogs. The old-school Swedish shoes have undergone a makeover, and the result is tres chic.

Black patent with black wood heels, sleek silver or gold with light wood heels, and classic navy or red leather with neutral bottoms round out the stylish options. The $89 price tag makes them a plain-old good investment.

In other words, these are no crocs of shit.

Available online at oaknyc.com. For more information, go to capeclogs.com.