Dog Days of Summer

With these killer temps, even your pixie cut feels like a scratchy angora sweater.

Imagine how your shaggy shih tzu feels.

Throw the little guy a bone.

Picture this: Art Paw, which turns your pooch’s pic into a masterpiece a la Warhol, Mona Lisa, or Van Gogh.

the nose knows!Don’t trust your shutterbug skills? Give Jaclyn Haley of Wet Nose Photography a call to capture your pug’s mug. Or plan a clay date with Haley, who also sculpts abstract, bespoke figurines and glazes them from matte white to glossy turquoise or canary yellow. E-mail me@jaclynhaley.com with a detailed description or photo of Fido sitting or lying down, and she’ll do the rest.

book it!Wood more your element? Pirwi’s Alushe pup-shaped bookcase is now available in the U.S. exclusively at Austin-based Kirk Gallery. For real indoor dogs, there’s Pepper & Tanky, a new cruelty-free eau du parfum made from nonirritating natural oils for sensitive skins and coats. (We dig Puppy Love, made with bergamot, amber, and jasmine.)

While you’re jet-setting this summer, don’t leave poor Snuffles in the dark. Madeleine Butler of Downtown Dogs (214-394-5008 or downtowndogsdfw@hotmail.com) will not only walk your baby but house-sit, too. Plus, her budding biz is bonded and insured.

How fetching.