Slam Duncan

From your waitress gig to your Willie posters, you have nothing to show for your art history major.

Time to hang with Leah Duncan.

The Austin artist puts her printing degree to good use designing whimsical giclee prints inspired by nature.

They’re the stuff of lollipop dreams. Take Rainy Day, an indigo and coral skyscape with flowery clouds and dainty rain drops. Or Mr. Owl, a pretty little guy with a bubbly figure and candy-colored feathers.

Duncan uses quality archival inks on fine, textured artisanal paper to craft the small, limited-edition (usually 25 per design) prints. The works are then signed and numbered before being shipped in a padded mailer.

Did we mention they cost only $14 to $18 a pop?

Yeah, kinda major.

Available online at leahduncan.com.