Play That Hunky Music

First, the sequin glove like MJ (may he rest in peace). Now, no pants a la Gaga.

What’s next?

Rock Star Karaoke.

You provide the vocals; RSK provides the band. That’s right: Four dudes string out while you belt lyrics streaming across the nearby screen.

Since the local talents know every note by heart, there are only about 100 songs to choose from. Sorry, ladies, no pop or top 40. And gents, no head-bangin’ hard stuff, either. Just solid, old-school rock: Bowie, Idol, Lauper, Jett, Hendrix, and the like.

Some ’80s and ’90s hits are in the mix, but don’t bet on a bunch of Madonna covers.

So keep the cone bra under wraps.

Available Thursdays, 10 p.m.-2 a.m., at Scooter’s, 3427 Trinity Mills Road, suite 700, Carrollton (972-662-9170). For private parties, e-mail gg5000@yahoo.com. For more information, go to rskdfw.com.

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