Best Buds

Typically it takes a birthday or major boo-boo to get flowers from a guy.

Not at Knox Street Flowers.

The new floral boutique is manned by two young and totally adorable gents named Sam Harrison and Sam Moore. The simple cottagey shop is lined with shelves of potted orchids and has a fridge stocked with the likes of calla lilies, daisies, and roses.

Prices are standard, but you’ll shell out $75-plus for delivery orders. They’ll outfit weddings and funerals and create one-of-a-kind arrangements in funky shapes (like towering cakes and frothy beer mugs).

The shop just opened, so stock is still growing. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, the men will make it their mission to find it.

They’re there for you on any occasion.

Knox Street Flowers, 4539 Travis Street (214-780-0415).

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4539 Travis St
Dallas, TX 75205