Swing Some Praise

treeyoga multi-sling!

Last time you straddled a tree, the neighbors called the police.

But with the TreeYoga Multi-Sling, only your panties will be tied in a knot.

Created by local school teacher and yoga instructor Hal Pruessner, the device is for beginner to advanced yogis wanting to practice closer to nature.

The kit comes with a backpack, padded industrial-strength body slings, and an unpadded one for looping around a sturdy tree trunk or limb. There’s also an instructional DVD with an easy-to-follow session (postures are both suspended and on the ground) as well as a how-to for safely fastening the sling.

Bonus feature: Since gravity tugs on your body during the limbtastic moves, stretches are more intense, making you stronger and more limber. 

Neighborhood Watch, look out.

Available online at treeyogamultisling.com. For more information, go to treeyoga.org.