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kerbey lane pancake mixes!

We all love when fall is in the air. But these days, a taste of autumn is as sure a bet as a Cowboy’s win.

Unless you leave things to Kerbey Lane.

The Texas company makes fragrant pancake mixes in seasonal flavors like apple wheat, pumpkin, and gingerbread. Not only do the one-pound, all-natural mixes smell like autumn, but they also taste like the season (thank you, sweet and savory spices).

If the label sounds familiar, it’s because the biz owns a mini-chain of cafes in Austin.

But why hit the road when you can enjoy the flapjacks at home for just $5.75 a bag?

That’s the sweet smell of access.

Available at Central Market, 5750 East Lovers Lane (214-234-7000); online at

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5750 E Lovers Ln
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