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Slush Puppy

grape ranch frozen wine!

There’s nothing wrong with drinking alone. But not finishing the bottle’s last glass? That’s a crying shame.

Drink responsibly with Grape Ranch rosé. The ready-to-serve vino can be frozen over and over again so not a single drop goes down the drain.

Preparation is simple: Freeze the liter bag, cut off the top, pour the icy pink slush into the blender, and whip until smooth (a couple stirs throughout helps get a good creamy consistency). You can also serve it chilled or on the rocks and store any remaining sips in the bag for later enjoyment.

For an extra punch, Grape Ranch recommends adding a splash of liquor (your fave is fine) on top.

Turning you into a total slush.

Available at Central Market, 5750 East Lovers Lane (214-234-7000). For more information, go to graperanch.com.

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5750 E Lovers Ln
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